Our Knowledge is Your Knowledge

We started out as crypto enthusiasts and investors who were inspired to create a new token. Being involved early in some projects, we got immediately disheartened while watching bots, created by money-manipulating greedy people drive up the price only to sell out dramatically dropping the price so everybody loses. This included the purchasers, the project and reputation of cryptocurrency.

The same thing happened when we launched our own token recently and it was jeopardized by these same greedy individuals with the intent of sideswiping the project launch within minutes. Heartbroken and disappointed with the events that transpired, enter Knights in Shining Armor, an anonymous Dev team approached us with the solution!

CataBolt Swap (CBS) is that solution. CBS’s quest is to stop the bots by building a safer platform to launch new projects, protect the integrity of the cryptocurrency sector and, most importantly allow buyers and organizations alike to prosper and increase wealth in the growing digital currency world. We believe everyone deserves a safe playing field and we are dedicated to building a tokenmunity of like-minded projects and people. We will provide tools, programs, and knowledge to help foster the growth of the crypto ecosystem.